Microsoft Dynamics

Why MS Dynamics AX is best for Business


There are some important scenarios where the right implementation of MS Dynamics AX can help your business become more competitive.

Scalable solutions to support business growth:sunrise-ip-dynamics-ax-e1467786934511

MS Dynamics AX is a flexible, adaptable solution that can support growth and create long-term value for your business. The core of the system is augmented by around 1,000 functional extensions. That means MS Dynamics AX can be easily configured to your specific needs and modified to meet changing operational requirements over time.

MS Dynamics AX is integrated with other Microsoft solutions, such as Office, Visual Studio, SQL Server & Business Intelligence, SharePoint, MS Active Directory and MS Exchange. It can also be integrated with other third-party systems, mobile applications and a range of different devices. You can easily adapt your core ERP system with additional tools and technologies as your business grows or your requirements change.

You have the flexibility to choose the deployment model that is most suitable for your business – either on-premise or in the cloud. A cloud solution, for example, means that you can quickly and easily expand capacity without increasing physical infrastructure.

Operate Company across multiple regions

MS Dynamics AX supports multiple languages and local legal requirements for 36 countries in a single application. That means any local office can use the same solution in a single instance, including subsidiaries in many different countries. Inter-company trading scenarios are supported out of the box too.

Tools that are easy to use:

MS Dynamics AX is easy to learn and use because it uses the same familiar interface as other Microsoft programs. Users don’t need to understand the system and they quickly become familiar with its functions. For added convenience, the system is integrated with popular Microsoft Office tools like Word and Excel so users can move seamlessly between applications.

Improve productivity:

MS Dynamics AX can help to improve productivity by providing role-based access to information, tasks and business process management. Users will gain a deeper understanding of critical operational data, complete activities faster and increase their personal productivity.

MS Dynamics AX also helps to align business and individual goals and tasks:

  • The system prompts users and can even alert them to particular events of relevance to their job role, as they occur
  • Information for decision-making is easy accessible with a few clicks
  • The system incorporates powerful and flexible control features
  • Field-level security is included

Best Communication and collaboration:

MS Dynamics AX includes integrated self-service collaboration capabilities to connect employees, customers, suppliers, and business partners. You can streamline supply chain communications with self-service Microsoft SharePoint®– based vendor, customer, and employee portals. The solution supports end-to-end business process integration through Microsoft Sites Services.2. You can also enhance supply chain collaboration with adaptable web services and share information easily by using the integrated collaboration tools.

Reduce TCO:

You can reduce TCO (total cost of ownership), through rapid deployment and simplified life cycle management. GO-ERP’s project methodology together with MS Dynamics Lifecycle Services ensure a fast, reliable setup and configuration of your AX solution. The role-based design of MS Dynamics AX 2012 in conjunction with the simplified Business Value Licensing model ensures that you only buy the exact number of licenses you need.

Best ROI:

MS Dynamics AX delivers a higher ROI (return on investment) compared to other ERP systems, Nucleus Research has found that Microsoft Dynamics AX customers also achieve greater returns in terms of greater visibility, increased productivity, and reduced costs. Seventy-five percent of MS Dynamics AX customers see a positive ROI in 23 months. The solution delivers an average return of $7.23 for every $1 spent.

According to Forrester Research, Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP reduces operational costs and increases business value. A recent study shows an average payback period of 21 months, average Net Present Value (NPV) of over US$3 million and an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 53 percent.

Stringent security:

MS Dynamics AX user security permissions operate at both functional and content level. A user who is assigned to a security role only has access to the set of privileges that is associated with that role

Solution that benefits from continuous innovation:

With MS Dynamics AX you get a business solution that is backed by Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to research, development, and innovation. You also benefit from the interoperability of the Microsoft platform based on the interaction of ERP, business and productivity applications, communications solutions, and an underlying technology platform that works either on-premise or in the cloud.

Bring all business data into a single platform for greater insight:

All your business processes can be integrated into a single platform with MS Dynamics AX. You won’t need separate management systems and different applications for your business process management. With one single MS Dynamics AX solution, you can manage all your business processes, analyse data and make faster, better decisions. MS Dynamics AX combines different industry applications in a single platform. If you trade in several different sectors, you can analyse and report your activities and data in one place.